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The History of Springville High School

The first recorded school was established in Springville in January, 1861. The school building was located near the original Baptist Church.

A new two story brick school, containing four classrooms and a small auditorium, was completed in 1912 for the sum of $6,858.50 with $237.50 appropriated to operate the school for that year. This became the grammar school.

"Rock School"  (1921-1936)

The "Rock School" was completed in 1921 and housed the high school students. The spot on the hill was chosen for the construction because the school would be visible to passengers on passing trains.

Springville High School (1937-1973)

In 1937, two rooms and a new auditorium were added to the grammar school. The high school students were moved to the newly renovated building on Main Street and the grammar school students were transferred to the rock building on the hill. A library and three additional classrooms were added to the high school building in 1952.

Springville High School (1974-2003)

The high school was torn down in 1972 and a new building was completed on the same site in 1973.

Springville High School (2003-Present)

In 2003 a new high school was built at a site just north of downtown Springville. This complex was constructed at a cost of $8,000,000.