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Student Council

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Student Government

Springville High School's student council is made up of representatives from each first block class. They are the student body's voice at SHS. They are responsible for various programs throughout the year but their biggest undertaking each year is homecoming. They organize the parade, half-time program, and dance. 

The SHS student council meets at least monthly. We also attended the district and state student council conventions this year. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions of things that you would like to see happen at SHS, find a student council member and they can bring it up at the next meeting. 

Get text message reminders about meetings by using Remind 101. 

2016-2016 Officers:

President: David Russo

VP: Alexandra Booker

Secretary: Ashlea Posey

Treasurer: Jack Wyatt

Historian: Kayla Posey and Kalie Williamson